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The Art of Winemaking

Great quality wine should be available to everyone who chooses to indulge.  We take great care in the first stages of the process, to ensure the right grapes are harvested, crushed and stored, and then delivered to the consumer ready for fermentation, filtering and bottling.

Step 1
Harvesting Grapes

Harvested from vineyards across the globe and hand picked to ensure top quality

Step 2
Crushing & Pressing

High grade, top of the line equipment, makes this process effortless

Step 3
Grape Juice/Concentrate Storage

Immediate, air-tight storage ensures the quality remains in the juice

Step 4
Primary Fermentation

Aerobic Stage – The customers process begins here with pitching the yeast

Step 5
Secondary Fermentation & Ageing

Anacrobic Stage – Our highly qualified staff take care of this stage

Step 6

State of the art filtration systems ensure a crystal clear end result

Step 7
Bottling the Wine

Re-use your bottles or buy new in-store – full sterilization system provided